Kevin Richardson Garrison

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Kevin Richardson Garrison is a committed entrepreneur, travel enthusiast, and dedicated animal activist.

Growing up, Kevin Richardson Garrison, was always fond of animals, dogs in particular. As Kevin got older, his passion for dogs and the welfare of animals grew immensely, which ultimately helped shape his future indefinitely.

Today, Kevin Richardson Garrison is a proud animal welfare activist. A dog owner himself, Kevin works rigorously to seek an end to the status of animals as property. Additionally, Kevin hopes to help end the use of animals in the research, food, clothing, and entertainment industries. For Kevin, animals should be afforded the same consideration as humans, and thus he works to share that message.

Know Before You Go: Tips for Flying with Your Furry Friend

In light of recent incidents, many airlines are freshening up their policies when it comes to handling service animals on flights. Due to the recent tragedies involving pet transportation, pet owners are being encouraged to do their research, before flying. While the...
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Vegan Lifestyle: It’s About More Than Just Not Eating Meat

On the surface, veganism may seem like a passing trend just like any other dietary regimen. Vegans often get ridiculed on social media and on other popular websites as being unrealistic or too sensitive. Veganism is about more than just not eating meat, though. Many...
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Athletic Avengers: Olympic Athletes Rescue Dozens of Dogs

A number of winter Olympians, including a couple from the United States, decided to bring home more than just hardware. Canadian skater, Meagan Duhamel brought back one gold medal around her neck and a puppy under her arm. However, US Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy took...
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Animal Extinction- Where Do We Stand?

Over the past century, we have seen the dramatic rise in animal extinctions. Scientists study these animals to determine the cause of their demise. While there are lists consisting of hundreds of creatures who are no longer around, there are another thousand that we...
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Animal Therapy: Saving Humans One Paw at a Time

Our society has shifted a great deal of focus towards the importance of our health. Every day, dozens of new treatment options are being recommended by medical professional. The integration of animals as a method of therapy has been around for ages. However, the...
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A mission most important to Kevin, is helping abandoned dogs find forever homes. Nurturing and adopting rescue dogs is a cause most dear to Kevin’s heart. A proud owner of a rescue dog, Kevin looks to be a strong voice for shelter animals. Through advocacy and education, Kevin hopes to promote the acceptance of both mixed and stereotyped breeds.

Kevin Richardson Garrison understands the richness of the human-animal bond first hand. An avid advocate of the no-kill movement, Kevin is committed to saving and rehabilitating the lives of homeless and neglected animals of his community.

Apart from his dedication to the welfare of animals, Kevin Richardson Garrison is equally committed to his business, Twenty, Inc. Twenty, Inc., a company based in Kevin’s hometown of Dallas, Texas, offers their clients a business partner who will facilitate the entire construction process. This includes, but isn’t limited to, pre-construction concerns, development of construction budgets and production schedules, management of subcontractors and governmental entities and the finalization of all projects in the most time and cost-effective schedule as possible.

Follow Kevin’s blog, focusing on animal welfare and initiatives of those looking to improve the lives of those who cannot speak!