As a huge advocate for animals, I am always looking for ways to give back to our fellow earth-dwellers. Every time I see an animal in crisis, my hope is to figure out how I can help. While I am only one person, there are many people around the world who have made it their sole purpose to better the lives of animals. There are hundreds or organizations that strive to support the well-being of animals. Here are just a few of the organizations who make efforts on a daily basis in support of animal welfare.


Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)

For over 65 years, this organization has been putting animals first. With a mission to eliminate harm caused towards an animal by humans, AWI strives to better the lives of every animal out there. With efforts to better an animal’s life on a farm, in a home, in the wild, or anywhere else that the animal calls home, AWI makes sure that an animal’s life is lived to its fullest potential. In addition to their efforts directed towards animals, they also focus on the environments that help to keep animals alive. Their attention to rainforests, jungles, and other eco-systems also grants them a spot as one of the top animal charities. Ultimately, the organization would want all animals to live freely, however, being realistic they have set milestone goals for bettering the lives of animals. Among the organization’s goals includes; improving the handling of animals being used for research, preserving extinct-nearing species, limiting commercial trade and cruelty to all species.


Friends of Animals

Celebrating their 60th year of helping nature’s inhabitants, Friends of Animals continues to do work, proving their unconditional love for all animals. Recognizing efforts for everyone from ocean life to elephants, this organization wants the world to understand and advocate for those who do not have a voice. Their strong set of beliefs make compelling arguments and educational platforms to encourage others to stand up for all animals. Friends of Animals utilize the resources they have, mostly the tool of education, to help society understand just how cruelly animals are treated.