As a pet owner, one of the best feelings is coming home to the unconditional love from our furry friends. With their wet noses and slimy kisses, it’s hard to not have a huge smile on your face. Studies are now showing that those who own pets are actually in a better health than those without animals in the home. Both physical and mental health can be improved by the presence of a pet. They may always be keeping their humans on their toes but in reality, they are doing so much more.


Physical Health


One of the greatest benefits of owning a pet is the fact that they give a great excuse to get outside. Although mostly pertaining to dogs, walks and exercise are crucial for pets to receive. Owners should spend a decent amount of time outdoors with their pet. By interacting with the dog, the human is also receiving a great workout. The CDC and NIH both conducted tests on people before and during their pet ownership. The research showed decreased levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides after owning a pet for a period of time. Additionally, those who have suffered a major episode such as a heart attack, tend to heal quicker with the presence of an animal.


Mental Health


As a pet owner, I can verify that each day is brighter waking up to a furry friend. Many doctors have realized the positive impact dogs have on their owners. Thus, animal therapy has become a major trend in recent times. Those being treated for depression or anxiety are often recommended to adopt a pet. Being a pet owner gives people a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. The need to look after the life of another living being has proven to decrease many of the symptoms of depression. In addition to those with mental health problems, senior citizens are finding that their pets are keeping them in good health.


Children’s Health


Contrary to popular belief, having a pet in the home before having children is beneficial to the child’s immune system. It was previously believed that children surrounded by animals were more likely to develop allergies. But, new studies have revealed that immune system and allergy sufferings are less common in children who have animals in the home. The animal fur and all the particles that attach to it actually make the immune system stronger.


For as long as I can remember, animals have made a huge impact on my life. Anyone looking to improve their health, both physically and mentally, should consider becoming a pet owner. The benefits stretch beyond the ones mentioned above. The unconditional love that an animal has for their owner is indescribable and makes every day that much more enjoyable.