For many Americans, a pet is an integral part of the family dynamic. People love taking their furry friends with them on vacations and even to run some errands. In most places across the country, you will see owners walking their dogs and buying supplies for their cats. What you don’t often see are pets at restaurants and in stores with them. In European countries, bringing your dog out to dinner with you or into the grocery store is quite common. Though most of America has not yet embraced pets into the community on that level, there are plenty of cities that recognize how important pets are to our daily life. Check out the towns that have been deemed some of the most pet-friendly in the country.


Portland, Oregon


The climate alone is enough to make any dog wag its tail. With temperatures never reaching extreme highs, the Portland forecast is ideal for any pet. In an ideal location for city living and nature exploration, pets and their owners have the best of both worlds. If that isn’t enough to sell you, Portland has over 30 dog parks within its city limits. This is the highest number of parks per capita than any other city in the country. Throughout the year, Portland hosts various events for dogs and owners to attend in tandem including the Pug Crawl. Besides Europe, Portland is one of the few places where dogs are welcomed in many of the city’s restaurants and bars.


San Diego, California


The surf town lives up to its name, even when it comes to canines. The host of the annual dog surfing contest, San Diego provides animals and their owners with plenty to do outdoors, all year round. Various dog beaches line the coast and make for entertaining afternoons with the whole family. Plenty of dining establishments have outdoor seating with amenities for pets who tag along for date night. Whether you are visiting for the week or are looking for a permanent place to call home, San Diego will welcome dogs and humans alike in the best way possible


Colorado Springs


For most major cities, the concept of nature is a distant memory. While most cities are surrounded by skyscrapers and subway stations, Colorado Springs sees more of a green scenery. There are more acres of parks than any other land in this town, which also hosts 7 dog parks. For both humans and animals, there are endless trails for hiking and some even end in water structures for all to cool off in. One of the hotels in Colorado Springs is known for its pampering of its two and four-legged guests.