If you know me, you know that two things in life that I love are traveling and animals. Some of my fondest memories have involved the two passions of mine. Many people around the world feel the same and have an equal excitement towards them as I do. On some occasions, it just so happens that the two coincide and can come together. There are many people who choose to travel with their pets and have the best time seeing the world with their furry companions in tow. Here are some tips for hitting the road while keeping your pets safe and sound.


Mode of Travel

For most pets, a car ride is a thrilling experience and does not require too much preparation on the owner’s behalf. There are even cars that now include dog-friendly features such as built-in water bowls, and ramps for easy entry into the trunk. If you’re planning a road trip with your pet along for the ride make sure to plan your journey prior to departing. Including plenty of bathroom breaks is key. For other modes of transportation including trains and planes, there are quite a few restrictions when it comes to pet travel. In most scenarios, the pet will need to be under a certain weight. Be sure to check with your transportation provider about their pet policy.



Around the world, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels and rental properties. Finding one that best suits your needs should not cause too much of an issue but always be prepared to change plans. Another fun way to travel with your pets is to make your adventure a camping trip. Plenty of campgrounds allow pets of all shapes as sizes (as long as they stay leashed).



As you plan your trip, make sure that you incorporate some fun activities for your dogs. Most cities and towns have various dog parks, so checking them out on your travels is a good way to get your pet moving. Additionally, finding various hiking and walking trails throughout your journey is a way to include your canine in your own fun adventures. During the summer, many beaches have designated off-leash areas where you can let your furry friend run through the sand and ocean.


Planning a trip that includes your pets will make for lifelong memories and experiences. In our beautiful country, so many travel destinations are accommodating to those who choose to bring their animals along. Being prepared is key but is sure to make your trip one that you will remember for many years to come.