As a huge lover of animals, I am always reading up on ways I can help better their lives. Although many advancements have been made to help better the way humans treat animals, we still have a long way to go. It is not always about picketing and protesting. There are so many ways that individuals can help support the wellbeing of animals on a daily basis. Help to speak out for our fellow earth-dwellers who don’t have a voice to speak for themselves through any of these actions.


Reporting Cruelty


Sadly, our society still sees animals as property rather than a member of their family. While I understand that many use animals as a means of living (farmers, etc.), many people treat pets in an unfriendly manner. As it is summertime, you will likely start to see videos circulate of police breaking a dog out of a hot car. If you ever witness an animal in a scenario such as that, where they are being neglected, report it immediately. Not all states have laws against leaving dogs in hot cars, but all 50 states do have laws in place in regards to animal cruelty and neglect. Reporting any signs of animal abuse is crucial in diminishing the improper treatment of these creatures.


Charity Work


There are endless amounts of nonprofit organizations that support animal welfare. By donating, you are helping shut down a puppy mill or provide transportation for abandoned animals. Find a local adoption centers or shelters. These refugees for lost or abandoned animals are always looking for volunteers. In the summertime, adoption events are very popular. Lending a few hours to help animals find their forever homes, is a day well spent.



Encourage Others


Many people have chosen to support animal welfare by becoming vegan or vegetarian. Even if you eat meat, encouraging schools and local restaurants to offer more meat-free options is a great boost for animal welfare. If you are an animal lover, like me, choosing cruelty-free products can help thousands of animals around the world. Many companies still use animals for testing cosmetics and other household products. By taking your business away from them, you are showing your support for the animal community.


There are so many minor ways to improve the wellbeing of the animal in our world. Not everyone needs to become a vegan to show their support for the fair treatment of such beautiful creatures. Take a little time out of your day to show the world that you want a better life for the animals!