My home state of Texas was rocked recently with the landfall of Hurricane Harvey. A devastating natural disaster is something that no area can fully prepare to overcome. While many people abandoned their homes to seek shelter, some furry friends ended up getting left behind. With so many efforts being made to help the citizen of Houston, I wanted to take the time to highlight ways to help the animals impacted by the storm.


The Humane Society

The largest animal welfare program in the country has already stepped in to help. The Humane Society of the United States mobilized before the worst of the storm hit. With supplies and rescue equipment in tow, they have been able to help feed and save any animals that were abandoned or lost during the storm. By donating animal products and money to HSUS you are helping to support their efforts to keep Houston’s animals well fed and taken care of.


Support Shelters

Between the makeshift shelters and existing ones in Houston, the animal population is becoming a top priority for the city. Legislation was passed prior to the storm which allowed families to bring their beloved furry family members along to safety. Sadly, many of these families were unable to gather enough supplies for their family and pets alike. Many of the makeshift shelters, such as the Convention Center, are asking for donations of pet food along with what people are sending for humans. If you are out picking up food for your pet in the near future, make sure to ask if they are running donation programs for Harvey victims.


Foster or Adopt

With animal shelters in the Houston area overflowing with incoming animals, the time to consider adopting or fostering is now! Even if you are not in the Houston area, there are plenty of options to bring home an animal affected by Harvey. Northern Texas and Atlanta shelters have taken in dozens of animals from Houston, prior to Harvey hitting. These animals are all looking to find a forever home and it could be yours. Look into some of the neighboring cities and states to Houston and see if there are some furry friends for you to help!