When we shop at the grocery store, we often find ourselves checking the nutritional labels for high amounts of sodium, carbohydrates, and sugars. Most people are wary about putting these substances into our body, as they rightfully should be. However, pet owners likely don’t check their animal’s food bag for such levels. A lot of the harmful aspects of our food are often found in our pet’s daily nutrition as well.

Like humans, pets require certain amounts of nutrients to help their bodies function at full capacity. There are many ways to ensure that our pets are getting the proper nutrition. Often we can do it in the comfort of our own kitchens, at the same time that we prepare our own foods.

A great deal of the foods that you buy at the pet store contains high levels of carbohydrates and not enough protein. This can cause your animal to be more lethargic and have less energy. By giving your pet freshly made chicken, eggs, or fish, you are ensuring that they are getting a high-protein, low-carb diet, giving them the right amount of energy for the day. These options are often recommended by vets when you are looking to help your animal lose some weight.

If you choose to provide your pet with a homemade meal, using organic products can also certify that they are getting the best nutrition possible. Just as we would not feed ourselves added preservatives, our pets should not ingest anything that isn’t organic. There are plenty of organic pet foods that are out on the market, should you be unable to always provide home cooked meals for your animal. Make sure to shop around before trying a new food and talk to your vet before you consider any drastic changes to your pets everyday diet.


This blog was originally posted on Kevin Richardson Garrison’s Strikingly page.